Theresa May Brexit Speech – Snap Reaction

Today Theresa May finally provided a substantive picture of the governments Brexit plan.

The headline news is that May plans to take Britain out of the European single market, breaking a 2015 Tory manifesto pledge. This further questions the legitimacy of her mandate and renders arguments of ‘taking back control’ something of a damp squib.Her message of wanting a positive relationship with the EU seem rather dependent on a ‘they need us more than we need them’ logic, which I fear is rather a false supposition that aims to quell fears rather than provide practical answers on the future of Britain.

Image result for theresa may brexit speech

Yet she has also stated that Parliament will get a final vote on proposed Brexit plans. This is a tacit acknowledgement that the ongoing high Court case is petulant at best. This provides some kind of democratic mandate to Brexit which is much needed. It is up to a largely anonymous opposition to challenge what’s been put forward and push for a Brexit that works for all.This landmark speech provides evidence that we are heading for a hard Brexit, so lets strap ourselves in, it’s sure to be an intriguing course at least!


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