Dr Seuss- The Artist

Cat Detective in the Wrong Part of Town- A part of Dr Suess Private artwork

When recently reading a young relatives selection of Dr Seuss novels, I was flabbergasted at their creative mite. As a child who never really indulged in the world of Seuess I was left reading the book for myself, engaged by the off-the-wall characters and surreal settings.

Upon further research about Suess I found a great website, (http://www.drseussart.com) about the man behind the children’s books and his personal endeavours which have only recently come to light in the form of numerous public exhibitions of his work.

I Dreamed I was a Doorman at the Hotel del Coronado

Suess often stayed up late into the night producing fantastic surreal works that are very much in the style of his children’s work, but far more complex in subject matter. These paintings often show Giesel in his alter ego as a cat. The works are in a variety of styles, some are complex landscapes whilst others focus on a single character and the mystery that surrounds them.

Cat from the Wrong Side of the Tracks

On top of this Suess created a range of unorthodox taxidermy. This was effectively bringing his fictional animalistic characters to life. He did these by combining numerous different aspects of different animals and combining them into a cartoon fantasy animal, with an appropriately fantastical name.

An example of Dr Suess’ taxidermy; the Goo-Goo-Eyed Tasmanian Wolghast

Giesels career previous to becoming an author was as a political cartoonist. His satirical cartoons often included surreal versions of political leaders and political concepts. His cartoons often had left wing isolationist undertones.

I just though I’d post this as I believe that this work needs to be recognized for what it is, great artwork from a truly unique man. If you want to see more head to the aforementioned website.


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