Paul Simonon ICA- Wot No Bike Exhibition

Paul Simonon- Wot No Bike

Just thought I’d try and raise some awareness for the new Paul Simonon exhibition opening at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London on the 21st January to the 6th February.

Simonon is most famous for being the unbelievably cool bass player for The Clash as well as The Good The Bad and The Queen and most recently Gorillaz.

Paul Simonon pictured in his time with Gorillaz

On top of this he is an accomplished artist and his new exhibition promises some interesting still life’s referencing the influence rock’n’roll has had on his life. His work mainly consists of pastel on canvas and has an interesting aesthetic quality that feels very personal. Along with the exhibition a limited edition book with images of the show inside will be available to purchase.

Egg, Bacon, Frying Pan- By Paul Simonon

So if you’re about London in the next few weeks I would definitely give this show a visit.


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