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An Introduction To Me

For my first agenda I would like to give a short introduction to myself, my interests and what you can expect to see here in the future. 

To give you a bit of background my name is Joe and I’m a 20 year old marketing student living in Cardiff. I grew up in a small seaside town in Somerset and I went to school in the beautiful village of Cheddar. 

Throughout my young life I have always loved sharing my opinions and openly discussing anything and everything. So this is why I’m writing this blog, because it is enjoyable to express my opinions on all that entertains, intrigues and excites me. 

My interests are diverse and not particularly stereotypical. I’m a big football fan and I support Tottenham Hotspur. I played football when I was younger, retiring at the age of 20, with hopes of ending my retirement sometime soon! 

I love music and have a varied music taste that includes ska, punk and rock with a sprinkling of soul and blues for good measure. My favourite band is The Clash hands down. 

I’m also a proud home baker with my speciality being any type of bread. I often find that there is nothing better than a good knead culminating in a hearty loaf to dip in some soup. 

A further passion is computer games, which occupy far too high a percentage of my time. I enjoy a vast array of computer games from Fifa to Bioshock. 

TV shows also peak my interest, personal favourites are Breaking Bad and Mad Men, with trashy TV like Storage Hunters being my less intense choice. 

To satisfy my thirst for all of these things and more I shall be analysing my experiences and reviewing the latest cultural happenings, from games, music, films and TV. I’ll also be giving my opinions on the latest sporting events. If I ever produce a bread that’s good enough I’ll also be sharing that. So I hope you enjoy reading my future posts and that it will open up some areas for discussion with you readers.

Keep on keepin’ on,

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